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Item description

This is a bingo game for the items that you’d see inside the church and used during mass. This bingo game could be used to teach or review items that you’d see at church because they will have to identify and mark an image of the item.



The game is called “MASS” (when players get 4 in a row, they say “MASS” instead of “bingo’), so it is 4×4, which is 16 spaces per game board. There is no “free space”. There is a total of 20 cards and each of them has border that are colors of the liturgical year that you’d see the priest wear on various days/seasons. There are also calling cards that include the image of the item and the name. This bingo game is in full color.



Included in this set:

· 20 Bingo Game Boards (2 per page)

· Calling Card (2 pages)



NOTE: The items in this bingo game are found in the Catholic Church, but may also be suitable for other faiths.


The items included in this set:

crucifix ❖ chasuble ❖ presider’s chair ❖ cruets ❖ paten ❖ thurible ❖ stained glass window ❖ processional cross ❖ pews ❖ chalice ❖ altar ❖ tabernacle ❖ corporal ❖ purificator ❖ stations of the cross ❖ sanctuary lamp ❖ holy water font ❖ aspersory & aspergill ❖ altar bells ❖ statue ❖ baptismal font ❖ altar candle ❖ votive candle ❖ lectern ❖ pall ❖ altar candle ❖ lectionary ❖ ciborium ❖ incense boat ❖ book of gospels ❖ statue of Mary ❖ priest


This bingo game is a request that I received via Facebook. I appreciate her contacting me and hope that it’ll be as helpful and fun for you and your class.


Copyright 2020 by Elaine G of “The Treasured Schoolhouse”. All Rights Reserved.