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Item description

This is a large set of posters or coloring pages for items that are found inside the church or used for mass and a description of them. The items come in both color and black & white. Each poster has a colorful border (7 different colors) along with the item name and description. Each coloring page has a border along with the item name in tracing letters and description. The items could be found in church, can be used during mass, or vestments.

Included in this set:

· 35 Church Items

· 1 Full-Page Cover

· 1 Cover for a ½-Page Booklet


The items included in this set:

crucifix ❉ chasuble ❉ precider’s chair ❉ cruets ❉ paten ❉ thurible ❉ stained glass window ❉ processional cross ❉ pews ❉ stole ❉ chalice ❉ altar ❉ tabernacle ❉ corporal ❉ purificator ❉sacramentary ❉ stations of the cross ❉ sanctuary lamp ❉ holy water font ❉ aspersory & aspergillum ❉ altar bells ❉ statue ❉ credence table ❉ baptismal font ❉ paschal candle ❉ hymnal ❉ votive candle ❉ lectern ❉ pall ❉ rosary ❉ offertory table ❉ altar candles ❉ lectionary ❉ alb ❉ ciborium


NOTE: These are items found in the Catholic church, but could easily suite the needs of other faiths.


SUGGESTION: Print 2 per page for a coloring booklet (the black & white pages). Print 4 per page for flashcards the colored pages).


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