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Integrity and Honesty: Lesson For Life – Free No Cheating Lesson is a free, 1 class resource to teach and learn about integrity. It is part of the complete resource:

Integrity Activities No Cheating – Lessons for Life – Upper & Lower Elementary

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Let’s show our kids and students the importance of showing integrity. Why is cheating wrong? What is it showing about ourselves?

This Integrity Lesson has been designed for a 45-minute period class (it can be separated as it fits your needs) and it is part of the Integrity Lessons For Life: Anti-Cheating Campaign” resource that includes activities for each class such as:

* Links to videos on the topic with questions about each clip

* Activities

* Discussion topics

* Essay Prompts

* Technology activity to be done with iPads

(The “Anti-cheating Campaign” Project)

* And more!

With these lessons, you will make sure they understand the importance of showing integrity even when nobody is watching and to learn a life-long lesson that will help them become great human beings and great citizens of the world!