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Integrity and Honesty – Lessons for Life -The Empty Pot &The Golden Coin is a 5-classes-long resource to teach and learn about integirty.

Let’s show our kids and students the importance of showing integrity. Why is integrity important? What is it showing about ourselves?

These Integrity Lessons have been designed and separated into 5 classes that can be given on a 45-minute period (it can be separated as it fits your needs) with activities for each class that includes:

* Links to videos on “The Empty Pot” & “The Golden Coin” for young kids with questions about each clip.

* Activities

* Flower pot project

* Discussion topics

* Story line activity

*Comic Activity

* Integrating Technology Activity to be done with iPads

* And more! (8 Extra Bonus Scenario Task Cards)

With these lessons, you will make sure they understand the importance of showing integrity even when nobody is watching and to learn a life-long lesson that will help them become great human beings and great citizens of the world!