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Introduction to CER is a resource that will help you start your students off in the right direction in learning to write CERs.


CER stands for Claim, Evidence, Reasoning and is a concise way for students to think about and write about science. Once students learn to think and write in this format, they can use it for science essays, constructed response questions and lab reports. The CER method also works well in other classes such as Social Studies.


Here’s what is included in this product:

  • A 10-slide Powerpoint which takes students through each step, with examples for each step

  • A set of notes/worksheets that matches the Powerpoint. Here students can practice writing Claims, finding and highlighting evidence from text or diagrams, and writing Reasoning which supports their claims. At the end of the practice sheets there is a “Pull It All Together” section in which students are given a data table and then asked to write a full CER response.

  • Rubric

  • Teacher Suggestions


This print and go product can be used as a stand-alone lesson, review, or within any unit as a way of introducing CER-style writing.


“This was great – perfect to introduce and practice CER!”

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