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Thirty-four coloring pages with large print copywork to trace are perfect for young writers. Meet Mary Anderson, Barbara Askins, Dr. Patricia Bath, Maria Beasley, Alexander Graham Bell, Marie Van Brittan Brown, George Washington Carver, Josephine Cochrane, Anna Connelly, Martha Coston, Marion Donovan, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Benjamin Franklin, Sarah B. Goode, Johannes Gutenberg, Steve Jobs, Irene Joliot-Curie, Mary Kenner, Willem J. Kolff, Stephanie Kwolek, Tim Berners Lee, Joy Mangano, Jan Ernst Matzeliger, Elijah McCoy, Alexander Miles, Samuel Morse, Bette Nesmith, Louis Pasteur, Nikola Tesla, Ruth Wakefield, Sarah Breedlove Walker, Eli Whitney, and the Wright Brothers! This is a fun way to combine history and handwriting practice. 

A note about coloring book levels: 

  • Level A: Coloring pages include single word or phrase copywork (traceable print) 
  • Level B: Coloring pages include full sentence copywork (traceable print) 
  • Level C: Coloring pages include full sentence copywork (traceable cursive) 
  • Pictures may vary or repeat between levels. Not all books are available in all three levels; new levels will be added as available.