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Item description

This is an Easter pack that’s full of materials for Easter math that features fun and colorful jelly beans!

Included in this pack is….

• Count the Jellybeans – A Cut & Paste Booklet

• Jellybean Patterning

• Count the Jellybeans in the Jar Mat

• Jellybean Graphing

• Jellybean Color-by-Number

For the booklet, the number of jelly beans listed on the page is cut out and glued in the jar. The booklet is in black & white. For the patterning, the pattern will be completed by placing the next item in the box. This can be used in strips or full page and is in full color. It can also be used over and over in a center or the final piece in the pattern can be glued for one time use.

Counting the jelly beans in the jar comes in black & white and color. There is a set of number words or numerals to count out jelly beans and put them in the jar on the mat. This is for numbers 1-24. For added fun, real jelly beans could be used!

There is also 2 graphing materials. One is a roll & graph activity. The other is a class graphing activity for graphing what the favorite flavor/color is of each student. Finally, included are 4 different color-by-number pages.

Directions and suggested uses are included for each activity in this pack!

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