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This Loaves and Fishes Game will help students with counting practice
as well as remind them of Jesus’ miracle of feeding 5000 with two fish
and five loaves of bread.

Included is a path game board, cards, instruction sheet and game pieces.  I laminated my game board and cards for durability.  You can use the game pieces provided, or any other simple objects.  If you would like the game board to be larger you can print on 11 by 17 paper or print with the POSTER option at 115% for two sheets of 8.5 by 11 paper.

play the game students will roll a die and travel along the game
board’s path. At each spot they stop they will get a game card. When
they reach the basket they will count how many loaves and fishes they
have. The winner will have the most cards.

Some teachers have added questions to answer in order to receive the loaf or fish as a way of reviewing the story.

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