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Just print & play! Do you need engaging John Coltrane activities or music sub plans? Each page offers creative ways for students to learn more about the performances of this jazz musician! Listening sheets list the song title and “Performed By: John Coltrane.”

What’s Included:

1-page Resource Guide – This guide will get you started quickly! Just print and play.

Listening Sheet Star Rating Guides – A reference sheet illustrates the five-star rating system included in most listening sheets. Each frame has a description, with one being “okay” and 5 stars as “Wow!”

Listening Sheets – There are no wrong answers! Students can note how they feel and what they imagine while listening to a selected piece of music. Choose from the musical instruments, nature scenes, colors, and more. There is a space for drawing and several non-musical elements to consider, such as animals and nature.

Weather and Emotions Listening Sheets

Weather is a recurring theme in classical music. Does a musical piece remind the listener of a snowy day or a cheerful sunny afternoon? Students can select the weather symbols that come to mind. Is the music happy or sad? A set of emotional characters allows your group to pick the feelings that best relate to a piece of music.

2 Biography Pages – Fact sheet (1 or 2 facts are already provided, a box to paste/draw the musician’s portrait, and a birthday box to color in and decorate cupcakes! A duplicate blank page is included for students to do their own research.

Musician Research Sheet – Students can use their favorite reference materials to compile a full page of facts about the composer’s home country. Some of the research options include capital, continent, population, food, and more.

Musician Rating Activity – There are more options to profile the composer on the rating sheet, including which season and musical style they belong to. This can also be used as a listening sheet or as a bulletin board display.

Word Composer Activity – In this classic letter puzzle, students can use all the letters from the composer’s full name to create new, shorter words and record their scores. Add a timer for an extra challenge.

Musical Selections (two pages per piece)

  1. Countdown
  2. Moment’s Notice
  3. Equinox
  4. Naima
  5. Lazy Bird
  6. Cousin Mary
  7. Afro Blue
  8. After the Rain

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