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Help your students to make deeper connections between beliefs, rituals, sacred texts and important people in Judaism and Jewish history. This fun and engaging higher-order thinking activity allows students to go beyond the basics to uncover the connections between these ideas and the Jewish faith.

This is the perfect differentiation tool, with students able to make surface level connections or to extend themselves and think critically and/or creatively and form innovative connections. The great thing about hexagonal thinking is that there are almost limitless connections.

This activity is almost entirely student-led and is perfect for revision, extension work and is suitable for leaving when you have a substitute teacher. Your middle schoolers will love the opportunity to challenge themselves individually or discuss and debate connections in pairs or in small groups.

Who is this suitable for?

This resources is most appropriate for Grades 5+. However, this can also be adapted to suit younger students (when cutting out hexagons, only include well-known characters of the Old Testament).

What is included?

This resource includes:

★ 210 pre-filled hexagons relevant to Judaism

★ editable blank hexagons

★ student instructions

★ student Hexagonal Thinking Analysis sheet

What is so great about hexagonal thinking?

Hexagonal thinking is great for making connections between:

★ different subtopics

★ old and new content 

★ multiple texts

★ character relationships

Perfect times for using hexagonal thinking include:

★ introductory activities when beginning a new unit

★ making connections between different curriculum areas

★ opportunities for demonstrating deep learning

★ end of topic revision

If you are looking to use this hexagonal thinking activity as a formative or summative assessment, you may be interested in looking at:

★ the number of connections made between terms

★ the quality of team discussion or individual explanations of connections

★ the quality or depth of written explanations

Printing and Laminating

Hexagonal thinking can take a little while to prepare, but its benefits are overwhelming. My colleagues have used hexagonal thinking in two different ways:

★ cutting it out themselves and laminated the hexagons to ensure they can be reused

★ providing the handouts to students for them to cut out

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