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Support the development of high school close reading skills and analysis of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar with this worksheet on Act 2, scene 1. A variety of high-order question types facilitates the process of analyzing character motivations, examining how word choices influence a reader’s interpretations, applying knowledge of literary devices, and articulating ideas in writing with clarity and precision. This resource is delivered in Word Document and PDF formats. A detailed answer key is included. By completing this exercise, students will:

  • Analyze an excerpt to articulate its primary purpose
  • Analyze an excerpt to isolate logical and/or correct statements from illogical and/or incorrect statements
  • Analyze how complex characters think
  • Articulate flaws in a character’s logic
  • Analyze figurative language to articulate its effect
  • Analyze complex vocabulary and phrasing in context to determine meaning
  • Analyze the author’s craft by applying and articulating knowledge of situational irony
  • Analyze an excerpt to discern the most appropriate description of tone
  • Write ideas with clarity and precision