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Item description

Julius Caesar Bingo


Bingo is a great way to review. This game is to be used at the end of the play as the clues/answers cover the entire play.


Included Items

  • Call Sheets
  • 30 Bingo Cards / Each are numbered / Free space is a set of laurel leaves.


  • Print the call sheets and cards
  • Laminate the call sheets and cards if desired
  • Decide a way to mark the cards – small manipulatives, plastic bottle tops, or a marker

Decide the type of play

  • Diagonal
  • Across
  • Blackout
  • 4 corners

Let’s Play Bingo

  • Distribute a card to each student.
  • Explain type of play.
  • Each of the answers has multiple clues. The main characters have at least 3 clues so that you can play the game several times and have different clues.
  • Call one clue for each answer per game.
  • As you call the clue, highlight or check off the clue.


The spaces on the cards are filled randomly with the following 30 answers:

Julius Caesar, Brutus, Marc Antony, Cassius, Octavius Caesar, Casca, Calpurnia, Portia, Flavius and Marullus, Lepidus, Cicero, Decius Brutus, Soothsayer, 2nd Triumvirate, Senate, Crown, Cinna, Omen, 1st Triumvirate, March 15, Epilepsy, Lupercal, Lucius, Trebonius, Publius, Artemidorus, Strato, Popillus, Carpenter and Cobbler, Pompey