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Our tweens and teens go through a lot of changes and these changes often make them feel anxious, stressed, worried, frustrated, angry, etc…

This set of calming strategies will help your students to keep their focus and concentration, develop and enhance good coping skills as well as self-regulate. It could help them to stay calm and assist them in managing the situation and their emotions.

It includes:

Brief discussion of pre-adolescence and adolescence

Reasons why students are not calm

Signs when students are not calm

What we want our students to know

Calming strategies include:

1. Hiking

2. Surfing

3. Swimming

4. Knitting

5. Riding a bike

6. Fishing

7. Pottery

8. Wood-work

9. Cross-stitching

10. Make a scrapbook

11. Tinkering with technology

12. Photography

13. Make a Video

14. Snorkeling

15. Visit a museum

16. Visit a library

17. Sewing

18. Play video games

19. Do yoga

20. Visit a zoo

21. Scuba diving

22. Go on a road trip

23. Visit an amusement park

24. Identify your feelings

25. Do pilates