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This creative and printable board game has been developed to provide a foundation to explore anger management.

“”Keep My Cool” is a growth mindset board game which is great for students who may need some additional support with dealing with their anger.

Using the analogy of an “ice-cream” students are asked to reflect on their behaviour how they can keep their cool. This game encourages reflection and psycho-education around anger management, impulse control, self-control, emotional regulation.

There are over 115 reflective question cards with 23 cards in each of the five various color-coded areas. These include:

Self-Discovery – reflecting, learning and exploring their own anger

Triggers – reflecting on what makes them loose their cool.

Cool Down– exploring cool down, coping strategies and strategies

Feelings – exploring feelings, emotions and early warning signs

Regulation– exploring emotional regulation and what that looks and feels like

This is a great game which is a perfect supplement for our Anger Management “Keep Your Cool Workbook”