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Kindergarten Word Problems Addition & Subtraction to 10 Math Worksheets

This is a set of simple word problems for kindergarten students that involve addition and subtraction up to 10. These worksheets are perfect for students just learning basic number sense and problem solving math skills. They will move from just finding the sum or difference in a word problem to determining the operation and writing their own equation.

This resource includes four sets of differentiated worksheets. Each set contains a certain type of word problem so your students can practice different ways to solve.

  • SET 1 – Solve to find the total number or difference. Includes worksheets with just addition problems, just subtraction problems, and mixed word problems.


  • SET 2 – Students will fill in the missing numbers in a number sentence that represents the problem and solve to find the sum or difference. Includes pages with just addition, just subtraction, and mixed problems.


  • SET 3 – Students use key words in the problem to determine the operation and solve to find the sum or difference. Includes mixed addition and subtraction story problems.


  • SET 4 – This set focuses on missing addend problems and involves more advanced critical thinking.

  The problems are written in a clear, primary font with decodable text and common kindergarten and first grade sight words. Illustrations provide picture support for early readers.


These kindergarten math word problems are a great way to introduce students to problem solving strategies. There is enough space for them to draw pictures if needed. For example, when solving addition word problems, they can add on to the picture to see how many they will have in all. For subtraction word problems, they can cross out items in the picture to find out how many are left.

The best way to introduce these math problems is in a smaller group, such as during guided math. I suggest letting them use manipulatives such as snap cubes, tens charts, or a number line to help solve. Once your students are ready to practice without teacher assistance, the next step is to have them work with a partner. Finally, you can try using these worksheets as independent morning work or homework (or even assessment) when they are ready.



There is a total of 12 printable worksheets. Each of the four sets includes 3 worksheets with 3 word problems on a page. They are aligned to the following common core standards: K.OA.A.1, K.OA.A.2 (Florida standards MAFS.K.OA.1.1, MAFS.K.OA.1.2)