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Kindergarten Apple Workbook for the fall.  This 104 page unit includes apple diagrams, seasons of the apple tree writing and coloring pages, apple hats, art, coloring, writing templates, a poem which can be enlarged, and worksheets. The worksheets in this unit are correlated with the Kindergarten Common Core Standards but are useful for 1st grade as review.  This huge packet will make a great addition to your apple unit.

Sample Page
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*Diagram Poster – Parts of An Apple
*Apple Parts Diagram (cut and paste)
*I Can Write Uppercase/Lowercase Letters on Apples
*Color By Sight Word Code Apple Tree
*Seasons Sequence – Apple Tree Seasons (cut and paste)
*The Life Cycle Sequence – Apple Life Cycle (cut and paste)
*Eating Sequence – Eating an Apple (cut and paste)
*Apple Tasting Party Activity
*Mini-book “I Like Apples”
*Class Survey and Graph – “Do You Like Apple Pie”
*Survey and Graph – “Do You Like Apple Juice”
*Class Survey and Graph – “Do You Like Applesauce”
*I Know About Applesauce – Color The Tools And Ingredients
*What Is Missing – Compare 2 Applesauce Pictures For Differences
*Life Cycle of an Apple Diagram (coloring poster)
*Life Cycle of an Apple (cut and paste activity)
*Practice “right” and “left” (cut and paste half an apple)
*Cut, Paste, Write Activity – Scrambled Apple Sentence
*I Can Write About Apples (blank writing page)
*Trace Numbers 1 – 10 on Apples
*Match Applesauce Pictures And Numbers 1-5 (draw a line)
*Match Numbers 1-6 (cut and paste)
*Missing Numbers 1 – 10 (cut and paste apples)
*Trace The Numbers 1 – 20 on Apples
*Answer Number Questions About The Picture (worksheet)
*Apple Addition Practice – Sums to 6 (cut and paste answers)
*How Many Apples and Seeds (worksheets)
*Matching Numbers to Baskets of Apples (1-20)
*See Counting (cut and paste)
*Count By 2s To 30 (apple seeds)
*Write The Number Of Apples In Each Basket (worksheet)
*Before and After Numbers (write the numbers)
*Amazing Apple Time Graph – Color, Count, Graph
I hope you and your students find this packet fun and useful.
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