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Item description

Halloween Themed Interactive Jigsaws Kindergarten Collection provides the opportunity for children to practice their fine motor skills. Great for hand-eye coordination too.

Collection comprises of the following:

A set of 5 jigsaws. 400 x 400, 9 pieces against the timer (1:40 minutes).

Jigsaws have been packaged into an interactive pdf – please make sure you have Adobe Reader Version 9 or above.

Also included is an HTML version.

This version scatters pieces more, making it more challenging; however sometimes the pieces seem to be hidden behind the timer, so click reset before starting the quiz to make sure you can see them all.

Note: Ensure once downloads are unzipped that you keep ALL files in their folders and right click on the Index.html to open it, or drag it into the URL bar. Seems to work best in Firefox, IE, Microsoft Edge or Safari. Please make sure your Flash Player is up-to-date.

All images: sourced under Creative Commons CC0.

Add to individual computers in the classroom or use through an interactive board.

Review: Please be so kind as to review your purchase, once you have used it with your learners, many thanks.