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This is a set of short math tasks that are perfect for diagnostic assessment or to use as exit tickets. Each half-page worksheet targets a specific kindergarten math standard. With just a couple of problems or tasks per page, students will not get overwhelmed and you can easily see who gets it and who doesn’t.

The tasks cover most of the common core math standards for K. The preview includes a list of the standards so you can see how they align to your state if you don’t use common core.


  • Counting objects to 20
  • Writing numbers
  • Comparing numbers and quantities
  • Addition within 10 word problems
  • Subtraction within 10 word problems
  • Fluently adding and subtracting within 5
  • Teen numbers
  • Describing attributes (size, shape)
  • Comparing attributes (length, size)
  • Classifying and counting objects
  • Positional words
  • Identifying shapes
  • Real-world shapes
  • Classifying shapes
  • Attributes of shapes

Answer keys are included.