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This pack includes 9-weeks worth of daily morning work activities for kindergarten. They are designed so students can complete them independently. Each week focuses on a letter, number, sight word, and shape. This pack is a continuation of my weeks 10-18 pack and builds upon it with sight words now added in.


Activities include:

  • color the day of the week and the weather

  • write the target letter (upper and lower case)

  • color pictures starting with the target letter

  • identify the target letter from among a group of letters

  • use the target letter to complete words (initial, medial, or ending sound)

  • write the target number

  • count objects

  • count on a number line

  • use a ten frame

  • identify flat and solid shapes

  • read the sight word in isolation and within a sentence

  • write the sight word

  • write name

  • identify properties of shapes (# of sides and vertices)

  • count on, count back, and count by 2s


The order of letters in this pack follow a commonly used sequence for teaching letters and sounds. This sequence introduces letters first that are most commonly used in early sight words. As the third pack in a series, this set continues where pack 2 leaves off.



  • Letters – Q, U, J, Z, W, V, Y, X, long vowels

  • Numbers – 19, 20, 1-20 review, counting on, counting back, counting by 2

  • Sight Words – see, and, the, like, we, is, my, can, go

  • Shapes – flat shapes review, cube, sphere, cone, cylinder, pyramid, solid shape review, side, vertices


These activity pages could also be used as homework rather than morning work.