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This pack includes 9-weeks worth of daily morning work activities for kindergarten. They are designed so students can complete them independently. Each week focuses on a blend or digraph, one math skill, one sight word, and a science topic. This pack is a continuation of my weeks 19-27 pack and builds upon it.


Activities include:

  • color the day of the week and the weather

  • write the target blend or digraph

  • color pictures starting with the blend or digraph

  • read the sight word in isolation and within a sentence

  • identify the target sight word from among a group of similar words

  • use the target blend or digraph to complete words (initial or ending sound)

  • add or subtract objects

  • add or subtract on a number line

  • skip count by 10

  • use a ten frame

  • make number bonds

  • order and compare numbers

  • count place value blocks

  • write name

  • identify and compare properties of objects

  • learn about plants, animals, and seasons

  • make number bonds

  • identify living and non-living objects

  • Blends/Digraphs – SH, CH, TH, WH, ST, CR, TR, CL, FL

  • Sight Words – look, are, you, what, have, little, has, with, here


These could also be used as homework rather than morning work.