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Narratives, informative and persuasive texts with literal, inferentiaand critical questions, perfectly suited for a kindergarten ability level. 10 weeks of guided reading worksheets ready to print and pop into literacy tubs for reading groups or glue into books. Your lessons are then ready to go, with everything they need to complete the tasks independently or with a teacher depending on reading levels. Absolutely no prep work required!

Worksheets include a themed passage to read, matching clipart and strategic questioning to cover ample reading skills. There is a small space and related prompt at the bottom of each sheet where students need to draw a small picture which also keeps students busy while you help those who may need it or manage other literacy groups.

There are 10 sets included in this bundle, with two pages per set to be printed, in clear and easy to read font. The first page has the text and questions with a box for students to write answers in, super friendly and easy to use for kindergarteners. The second prompts the reader to complete an appropriate retell of that text according to the genre, with lines for students to write on and pictures to keep it engaging and be coloured afterwards. The lines are spaced widely with plenty of room and the prompts help remind the reader what we are looking for in a retell.

Use for:

These could be used for homework, reading groups, diagnostic and post testing, review, sub plans or literacy rotations. The questions have all been strategically worded to encourage readers to read between the lines, scan the text for key ideas, summarize, make inferences, sequence events and develop a solid understanding of what they are actually reading. How you use them is up to you.

Suggested Format for Ten Weeks Of Guided Reading:

Of course, this is up to you and there are many possible ways to implement these worksheets! What has worked well previously is either whole class intensive lessons, the worksheets being stapled into a booklet for independent work or:

Monday – Read text, highlight key details, underline unknown words, unpack

Tuesday – Re-read text, summarize what it is about, complete questions

Wednesday – Re-read text to build fluency, draw picture as per page 1 prompt

Thursday – Re-read text, follow prompt to write detailed retell on page 4

Friday – Finish and share retells

OR have this booklet as one rotation and have four different rotations, so students complete one rotation per day and this is one of the activities completely covered!

Texts Included:

Tam’s Idea (Narrative)

Cara Escapes (Narrative)

Money (Informative)

Coral (Informative)

Cats Are The Coolest (Persuasive)

Plants (Persuasive)

Saturn (Informative)

Ben (Narrative)

The Map (Narrative)

Puffins (Informative)

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Total Pages: 23 Pages

Standards Covered: