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This is a set of reading comprehension worksheets designed for kindergarten. They have decodable passages perfect for beginning readers! The stories slowly increase in difficulty as you move through them.

The following features help build reading skills:

  • Fluency Practice – Students are encouraged to read the text 3 times with stars to color each time they read.
  • Picture Support – Simple illustrations help provide context.
  • Text-Based Comprehension Questions – Students will refer back to the text to answer three questions per story.
  • Sight Words – All passages include common kindergarten sight words.
  • Skill Application – Each passage also includes a skill activity such as coloring a picture to match information provided in the story or writing a sight word found in the text.
  • Text Talk – Every passage (in version A) includes a “Talk About The Text” activity. This is designed to encourage parent involvement with the adult asking the child questions about what they read. These questions involve making inferences or interpreting the text in some way.



This resource includes 15 different kindergarten reading comprehension passages that include a short story, three questions, and a writing or coloring task. There are two versions of each worksheet:

  • Version A is designed to be used as homework and includes the “Talk About the Text” activity. There is also space for the parent to initial at the bottom.
  • Version B is identical to version A except the “Talk About the Text” portion has been replaced with a spot for students to rate whether they liked the story or not. 

You will also get

  • Answer keys
  • Digital version of the version B worksheets

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❤️ “This helped my kiddos read for meaning rather than just decoding!” Amanda H.

❤️ “These decodable passages are great for my beginning readers, working on comprehension and fluency! Thanks for the great resource!” Allison C.

❤️ “Great reading practice for my Kinders. No more “I can’t read.” They now ask for the sheets and I have created notebooks for all my students and they read when they finish their work.” Pamala T.