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Are your kindergarten or first grade students struggling to master their sight words? This set of no-prep activities provides the repetition and practice they need to learn those high frequency words. Just being shown a word is not enough. Children need opportunities to see, read, write, and engage with words before they truly learn them.



This resource contains 100 worksheets (in 2 versions) each targeting a different sight word. The words include those that are most often taught in kindergarten and first grade. So these activities make a great supplement to most reading curriculums!

Version A

On each worksheet, students will color, trace, write, find, and stamp the target word. Then they build the word by cutting out the letters and gluing them in the correct order.

Version B

The same as version A except the students “dot” the word instead of stamping it. They can use Q-tips and paint or just markers to do this.

These worksheets not only help build sight word fluency, they also help student develop fine motor skills through cutting, gluing, and writing.


These no-prep worksheets are great for homework, centers, or morning work. Just print and use! Place them in centers along with magnetic letters or letter tiles to for even more practice. As long as students are seeing, reading, and writing the words in multiple ways, they will start to really learn them!