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Color Inquiry: Students will have fun with these Kindergarten STEM activities and lesson plans for color investigation! These STEM activities focus on learning about colors of the rainbow. Kindergarten STEM learners will also conduct color mixing experiments through hands-on inquiry investigations.


• Learn colours of the rainbow

• Investigate

• Ask Questions

• Make Predictions

• Explore how colours mix together and change



  1. Colours of the Rainbow
  2. Experimenting like a Scientist

At-Home Learning Modifications

Colour Inquiry Unit Observation Tracking & Grids

Unicorn Colours – Write the Room recording sheet

We’re Going on a Colour Hunt recording sheet

Colour Bingo

Colour Mats (real pictures)

Colour Vocabulary Cards (real pictures)

Class Book – “We see a Rainbow”

Test Tube Paint Mixing recording sheet

Play Dough recipe