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KINDERGARTEN Summer Packet No prep review


This resource includes KINDERGARTEN Summer Packet No prep review which is a fun resource for kids learning during the summer season. The activities in this Math packet are best for centers, homework, morning work, and group work.

The resource is totally NO PREP! Just PRINT! There are total 82 pages.


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This packet includes the following printables:

  1. Number words
  2. Uppercase letter writing
  3. Lowercase letter writing
  4. 2D shapes sides and corners
  5. Missing numbers – what comes next
  6. Count bubbles and write in numbers and words
  7. Measure height with cubes
  8. Write missing numbers 1-20
  9. Numbers before and after
  10. Read the word and color the matching number
  11. Place value match the number
  12. Addition up to 20
  13. Subtraction with in 20
  14. Counting Pizza
  15. Counting Fish practice
  16. Greater , less than, equal to practice
  17. Number bonds
  18. Teen Frames
  19. Sorting 2D & 3D shapes
  20. 1-100 counting and tracing
  21. Adding by rolling a die
  22. Connecting dots to make an object
  23. Addition and subtraction maze
  24. Addition and subtraction facts from 1-10
  25. Uppercase letter tracing
  26. Lowercase letter tracing
  27. Missing letter Upper and Lowercase letters
  28. Beginning sound practice
  29. Middle sound practice
  30. Last sound practice
  31. Word family sorting
  32. Comparing sets of objects
  33. Recognize 2D shapes
  34. Subtraction using Number line and many more

The product is available Ready to Print PDF Format.

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