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Wanna give your students some thoughts on kindness?? Here’s a great activity that will help you to let your kiddos explore the purview of kindness in them. This Kindness Booklet is great for Social Emotional Learning in class.

The booklet includes:

• Cover Page – My Li’l Book of Kindness

• I can be KIND

• Writing Prompt 1- Kindness to me is…

• Writing Promot 2 – I show Kindness by…

• My Kindness Color

• My Kindness Rainbow –

Everytime a student does an act of kindness, he/she will write it in on a layer of the rainbow and color it.

This activity encourages them to be kind to others and is helpful in reinforcement of positive behaviors.

Let them throw Kindness like a confetti and see whose Rainbow gets all its colors first.

Hope you and your students enjoy this resource.

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