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Fun and engaging exercises to explore love and kindness

children start by exploring questions such as “How can you spread love
wherever you go?” and “How can you dream big?” The students are asked to
extract ideas, such as “Put love in an ice-cream and share it.” These
ideas may help them when they design a machine that spreads love or
write a heart shaped poem. The students are also asked to think about
different aspects of the design of the machine, for example, “How you
want to spread the love?” and “What kind of love do you want to spread?”

1. Question cards + blank cards

2. Things I Love

3. Things other people/animals love

4. Where in your body do you feel. . .

5. How can you spread love?

6. How can you randomly spread love?

7. Heart shaped poem

8. How can you build a machine that spreads love?

9. What if you could grow a loving heart?

10, Spread everyday kindness

11. Dream big

12. Big dream machine

13. Acrostic dream poem

14. What if you could. . .

15. Design a board game