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This packet includes an art making approach to learning and/or assessing knowledge of the alphabet! It covers the CCSS.RF.K.1d standard for kindergarten. In this resource, teacher’s can utilize these templates to allow students to practice/learn all of the uppercase and lowercase letters in the alphabet. There are also assessment sheets included. You can assess students by calling out the letters that they should write/paint in order (or out of order). If you use both types of practice assessments, students will need the following art supplies: watercolor paint (with brushes and water etc.) and charcoal drawing sticks. A teacher assessment/mark off sheet is also included (to keep track of letters that have been read out….in case you choose to read them out of order for the assessment). Many students benefit a lot from arts integrated activities for reading, and I hope this resource is very helpful for your students. This packet doesn’t include any specific age clip art. So, you could potentially use this resource with older students in special education, too.

Included in this packet:

-Teacher info sheet 1- ‘Knowing the Alphabet’ packet

-Student letter reference sheet

-Teacher check off sheet 1

-Teacher check off sheet 2

-Watercolor painting alphabet practice sheet set – uppercase

-Watercolor painting alphabet practice sheet set – lowercase

-Watercolor letter painting assessment

-Charcoal drawing alphabet practice- uppercase

-Charcoal drawing alphabet practice- lowercase

-Charcoal letter assessment

-Teacher info sheet 2- “Student Assessment: Reading the Alphabet”

-Student assessment reference sheet: reading the alphabet

-Teacher reference check off sheet 1

-Teacher reference check off sheet 2