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KS2 Science – Interactive/paper-based puzzles, games & graded quiz.

Science – Life Processes & Living Things KS2

1. Word Search:

This resource contains a Word Search to help increase medical terms associated with the bones of the human skeleton. Great starter activity and introduction into the Human Skeleton.

2. Crossword:

This resource contains a Crossword to identify bones in the human body.

All materials allow for differentiated learning and include the following:

printable copy

interactive puzzles with and without timings (double click the index.html file or drag it into the *browser’s URL bar)

Set of answers

*(Please note that Microsoft Edge could not display interactive puzzles when tested)

3. Human Bones Dominoes/Matching Pairs:

A printable set of dominoes. This game would work best played in pairs or small groups. Print as many sets as necessary. Supplied in pdf.

A matching pairs game could be played as an alternative to the dominoes. Just cut all the cards in half and lay them face down or use it as a snap card game.

A great way to assess learners’ understanding of the medical names of the bones as well as the more commonly used terminology.

4. Human Bones Graded Assessment Quiz

The HTML quiz contains 10 questions based on human bones. 10 questions, no time constraints but only 1 attempt allowed; learners have the opportunity to review their answers. Great way to formally assess individual learner’s knowledge & understanding.

The quiz could be completed as a whole group on an interactive board if preferred.

HTML Resources Note:

Please make sure that you keep the HTML folder intact and run the index.html file from inside the folder. If you are adding to individual computers, please make sure that you add the whole file and then ask your students to open it up in the same manner as outlined above, thanks.

5. Interactive Matching Pairs Game

Match the images. 14 images available to match. Each time the game is played it asks you to match 8 images. Therefore some of the images will be swapped every time the game is played. It can be played individually or in small groups. Includes user guide, instructions & access code.

Review: Please be so kind as to review your purchase, once you have used it with your learners, many thanks.