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Help your students with this step-by-step activity on “How to Write a Lab Procedure.” One of the best ways to continue to develop their science skills is through practice. As your students practice writing and following a procedure, you will set them up for greater success in their future science labs. Enjoy!

Objective: Students practice writing procedures so that they understand the requirements for scientific investigations. Students need to be able to follow and implement procedures, either those given to them or those written by themselves. 

Science Concepts: Experimental investigations, practice appropriate use and conservation of resources, plan and implement comparative and descriptive investigations and collect and record data

IB Connections and Skills: Communication: Interactive skills – Give and receive meaningful feedback; Language skills – write for different purposes

Lesson and Teacher Tips: Prep time for set up is needed. Gather materials and organize ahead of time. Students will need either paper and pencil or white boards for writing. See the last slide for “Teacher Tips” and further information for this lesson.

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