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I remember when I was young I was once asked if I knew the name of the part that allowed the door to be able to open and close at ease. At the time I did not know that part was called a hinge. This resource is for students to take a closer look at some of the everyday objects we see and know the name of those small but necessary parts. In addition, kiddos will increase their vocabulary and by that allow them to better tell someone what exactly it is that they are looking at or need help in.

Labels for:

  • Around the computer
  • Around the sink
  • Looking at supplies
  • Around glasses
  • Looking at the body
  • Looking at books
  • Looking at a dog
  • Around the door
  • Looking at a shoe
  • Around the staircase
  • Brushing our teeth
  • Looking at clothes
  • Around the car
  • Looking at ice cream
  • Around the workbench
  • Looking at the bed
  • Outside
  • Looking at fruit
  • Around the headphones
  • Looking at nature
  • Around the beach
  • Around a bicycle
  • Looking at fish
  • Looking at a ladybug
  • Answer key

May your kiddos enjoy coloring and labeling!



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