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Are you looking to see if your students can apply least common multiple and greatest common factor in real world problems? These task cards come with 14 problems including two write your own that focus on the subtle differences between LCM and GCF. These task cards are printable, digital through Google Slides and Google forms, editable and work for hybrid, remote and in person learning. The word problems are designed to work for middle school students working with factors and multiples as well as patterns.

⭐Skills Required:

  • Identifying patterns
  • LCM
  • GCF
  • Reading

❤️Resource is Great for:

  • 6th grade
  • Pre Algebra
  • Remote Learning
  • Homeschooling
  • Tutoring
  • No prep, quick assessment


  • 14 questions
  • Black and white task cards
  • Color task cards
  • Comes with google slide link for digital use
  • Comes with google form link for digital use and autograding
  • Editable PowerPoint including to change the problems to fit your students