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✥ Topic – Leadership

✥ Includes 4 Products

✥ 306 pages

✥ Suitable for Middle and High School Students

✥ Print and Digital (PDF and Google Slides)

✥ Career Readiness-related topic!

This Leadership BUNDLE includes the following 4 products:

▶️ Leadership POWERPOINT and Activity Worksheet Packet

▶️ Leadership Activity Worksheets and ANSWER KEYS

▶️ Leadership Scenario Task Cards and Worksheets

▶️ Leadership Writing and Discussion Prompt Task Cards and Worksheets

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Items in this Print and Digital BUNDLE:

▶️ Leadership POWERPOINT and Activity Worksheet Packet

✮ Intro to Leadership POWERPOINT (Uneditable / Unique Fonts / 27 slides)

✮ Intro to Leadership POWERPOINT (EDITABLE Writing Sections / 27 slides)

✮ 24 Worksheets (PowerPoint slides turned into Activity Worksheet Forms!)


▶️ Leadership Activity Worksheets and ANSWER KEYS

✮ 23 Activity Worksheets and ANSWER KEYS

✮ 2 Interactive Leadership Activities (that can be completed in groups) and KEYS

✮ Additional worksheets included


▶️ Leadership Scenario Task Cards and Worksheets

✮ 24 Leadership Scenario Task Cards in FOUR variations

► 24 Colored Task Cards WITH Questions

► 24 Colored Task Cards WITHOUT Questions

► 24 B&W Task Cards WITH Questions

► 24 B&W Task Cards WITHOUT Questions

✮ 24 Leadership Scenario Worksheets (Same scenarios in Task Cards)

✮ List of 24 Leadership Scenarios (Easy access for teachers)

▶️ Leadership Writing and Discussion Prompt Task Cards and Worksheets

✮ 60 Leadership Writing/Discussion Prompt Task Cards

► 60 Colored Task Cards

► 60 B&W Task Cards

✮ 60 Leadership Writing Discussion Prompt Worksheets (Same prompts in Task Cards)

✮ List of 60 Leadership Scenarios – 3.5 pages (Easy access for teachers)


The resources in this BUNDLE are also included in Google Slides! Text boxes have already been created to make it easier for you and your students! Each slide includes two instruction solution tabs for when students accidentally delete text boxes and when they want to zoom in (to enlarge worksheets). It’s super helpful for students who are not that familiar with how to use Google Slides or need the extra assistance.


We live in a highly competitive society where LEADERSHIP is necessary to ensure success both in school and in the workplace. This bundle includes a variety of activities to help students explore what it means to be a leader in all kinds of situations, and not just in the OFFICE! These highly relevant activities, writing prompts, scenarios, etc. gives students the chance to practice developing their leadership skills and/or improve existing leadership skills. It provides great opportunities for students to practice the different aspects of leadership in situations they experience everyday and/or will experience in the near future!

Below are the wide range of Leadership topics that this bundle covers in the resource items include:

PowerPoint Topics:

⭐ What is Leadership?

⭐ Leadership Quotes

⭐ Who is a Leader?

⭐ Qualities of a Good Leader

⭐ Leadership Skills

⭐ What Everyday Leadership Looks Like

⭐ Why Leadership is Important

⭐ Leadership Skills Needed for Workplace Success

⭐ Effective Communication

⭐ Problem Solving

⭐ Delegating Responsibilities

⭐ Critical Thinking

⭐ People Management

⭐ Judgement and Decision-Making

⭐ Collaboration

⭐ Responsibility

⭐ Negotiation

⭐ Leader vs. Boss

⭐ How to Develop Your Leadership Skills

⭐ Benefits of Leadership

⭐ Lack of Leadership

⭐ Final Thoughts

Leadership Activity Worksheet and KEY Packet Topics

✬ Leadership Anticipation Guide

✬ Leadership Self-Assessment

✬ Organizing a Fundraising Event

✬ Assigning Group Roles to Team Members (Delegation)

✬ Leadership Self-Reflection

✬ Leader or Follower?

✬ Conflict Resolution – Getting Inside a Person’s Head (Perspective-Taking)

✬ Emotional Control

✬ Leadership Quote Analysis and Connection

✬ Difference Between Effective and Ineffective Leadership

✬ Results of Good and Bad Leadership

✬ Leadership Responses (to challenging situations)

✬ Delivering Constructive (Negative) Feedback

✬ Effective Delegation

✬ Effective Leadership Questions (Asking the “Right” Questions)

✬ Non-verbal Communication

✬ Leadership Behaviors and Attitudes (Passage)

✬ Full Text Message Conversation

✬ Text Message – How Would You Respond?

✬ Responding to Negative Comments on Social Media

✬ Qualities of a Successful Leader

✬ Leadership Scenario

✬ End of Lesson Leadership Reflection

Scenario Topics:

★ Conflict Resolution

★ Delivering and Receiving Constructive Feedback

★ Effective Communication

★ Delegating Responsibilities

★ Filtering Your Thoughts

★ Dealing with Difficult People

Writing/Discussion Prompt Topics:

♥ Qualities and Characteristics of an Effective Leader

♥ Communication

♥ Motivation

♥ Conflict Resolution

♥ Opposing Viewpoints

♥ Delivering and Receiving Constructive Feedback

♥ Delegation

♥ Dealing with Setbacks and Challenges

♥ Personal Growth

♥ Influence

♥ Decision-Making

♥ Self-Reflections


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