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Go on a leaf hunt to observe, explore, learn & have fun! This pack includes math, science, writing, and art leaf activities for preschool!


Each child will need to collect 10 leaves or more.

During the leaf hunt, the children should collect leaves in a variety of colors and sizes.



Fall Leaf Color Collection Display Page

Leaf Sizes – BIGGEST to smallest and vice versa

Largest Leaf Display Page

Littlest Leaf Display Page

My Leaf Collage Page

Leaf Rubbing

My Favorite Leaf Display Page

On my leaf hunt I saw….. Picture Box

My Leaf Art – Draw it, Leaf Rub it, Paste it.

L is for LEAF. Practice Writing Ll

Leaf Color Hunt

Leaf Scavenger Hunt color/BW

Leaf shadow match

Parts of a Leaf and Leaf Practice Writing

Draw the Veins of a Leaf

Label the Leaf – Cut and Paste

Leaf collage and Leaf Graphing page

Guided Graph data review

Leaf patterns color/BW

This resource is also great for substitutes – a sub pack, student teachers, classroom helpers, homeschool, or groups!