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This set of printables has multiple activities. It has a set of
puzzles that the child can reinforce the 2 dimensional shapes. The next
activities are 3 different student books. Pages are not numbered so
anyone can pick and choose which ones they want to work on. There are
pages of definitions of different aspects of 2D shapes. There is a set
of posters included. There is a set of worksheets that go over the
parts, labeling, properties, matching, and tracing of 2 dimensional
shapes including answer keys. It also gives real life examples of each
shape to help the child make the connection between what they are
learning and their environment.

Contains:  18 flower shape puzzles, 3 student books about 2D shapes, 13 posters, and worksheets with answer keys

Shapes include:   circle,
square, rectangle, rhombus (diamond), parallelogram, trapezoid,
pentagon, octagon, hexagon, oval, crescent, triangle (different
properties), nonagon, dodecagon, hendecagon, heptagon, star, heart,
semi-circle, and decagon

Shaping up and giving thanks!!           Creations by Mrs Mouse