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This set of printables has multiple activities. It has a set of
puzzles that the child can reinforce the 3 dimensional solids. The next
activity is a student book. Pages are not numbered so anyone can pick
and choose which ones they want to work on. There are two pages of
definitions of the parts of a 3 dimensional shape also. There is a set
of posters included. There is a set of worksheets that go over the
parts, labeling, properties, and tracing of 3 dimensional solids
including answer keys. It also gives real life examples of each solid to
help the child make the connection between what they are learning and
their environment.

Contains:  9 puzzles (each puzzle contains the name, the shape, properties, net, and the real life object), puzzle mat, student book about 3D solids, 10 posters, and worksheets

Solids include:  cube,
cylinder, cone, sphere, square-based pyramid, tetrahedron
(triangular-based pyramid), cuboid (rectangular prism), triangular
prism, and hemisphere.

Shaping up and giving thanks!!       Creations by Mrs Mouse