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This is a wonderful set of 82 printable black and white worksheets to help students learn and practice numbers to 20. These are perfect for pre-k, kindergarten or first grade.

These worksheets include:

◾ Number Practice 0-20: Color the number and the number word, Trace and write the number, Trace and write the number word, Fill the number in a 10 frame, Find and circle the number, Tally the number, Color the amount of the number, Find and circle the number word. (21 worksheets)

◾ How Many? Count and Circle the correct number – Numbers 1-20 (10 worksheets)

◾ Counting to 20: Cut and paste in the correct number order. (1 worksheet)

◾ Trace & Count the Numbers: Students will learn to trace, write and count numbers from 0 to 20. (21 worksheets)

◾ Color by Number: numbers 0-20 (4 worksheets)

◾ Number Sorting: Numbers 1-20 – Count, Cut and sort the pictures. (4 worksheets)

◾ Counting Crayon Teeth: Count the teeth. circle the correct number – Numbers 1-20. (2 worksheets)

◾ Tracing Numbers 0-20: Trace over the numbers and number names. (3 worksheets)

◾ Count and Match Number Words 1-20: Count, Cut and paste the pictures below the correct number word. (2 worksheets)

◾ Counting Ten Frames 1-20: Count the number of dots in each ten frames. Color the correct number. (2 worksheets)

◾ Matching Number Words 1-20: Cut and paste the word to match the number. (2 worksheets)

◾ Counting Tally Marks 1-20: Count the tally marks and write the number. (2 worksheets)

◾ Counting Shapes 1-20: Count the shapes and write how many. (3 worksheets)

◾ Practice Counting to 20: Fill in the ten frames to match the number. circle the correct number on the number line. (3 worksheets)

◾ Cut & Paste Tally Marks 1-20: Cut and paste the Tally Marks underneath the matching number. (2 worksheets)


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