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Are you looking for supplemental resources to support the book Legend of the Indian Paintbrush? Then use this third-grade literacy resource to support lessons on the common core literature standards or in a book study for Legend of the Indian Paintbrush by Tomie DePaola. Students will practice up to 9 common core literature standards (RL3.1, RL3.2, RL3.3, RL3.4, RL3.6, RL3.7, RL3.9, L3.5c, W3.1.) with this Native American folktale.

Students relate well to this beautifully illustrated tale of a boy with a special gift: painting and recording his people’s history. With this Native American folktale, teachers can begin introducing and reinforcing the Common Core Literature Standards for grade 3.  

Each practice page is tailored to the particular literature standard related to the story/book.


  • Asking Questions (ask who, what, where, when, why, how questions)
  • Answering Questions (answer text-dependent questions using key details from text)
  • Retelling the Story (retell the story in sequence with transition words)
  • The Moral or Lesson of the Story (What does the author want you to learn?)
  • Describing Characters (What traits describe the character, what are the motivations and feelings?)
  • Literal and Non-Literal Language (What does “take root in the earth” actually mean?)
  • Point of View (What does Little Gopher think about riding out with the Warriors? What do you think about Little Gopher going with the Warriors? What does Shaman think about Little Gopher’s gift?)
  • Illustrations (How do the illustrations support the text?)
  • Shades of Meaning (Learn synonyms for the word “talented” and “determined”)
  • Opinion Writing (Write an opinion on whether it is a good idea to encourage Little Gopher’s gift.)


  • Illustrating (make the author’s words come alive)
  • Making Sacrifices (Write about Little Gopher’s talents. Write about your own talents and special gifts)
  • Hot Seat! (be Little Gopher and answer some tough questions!)
  • Giving Little Gopher Advice (Give Little Gopher advice on how to keep up with the other boys)
  • Compare and Contrast (Little Gopher with another talented person)
  • Wanted Poster (Little Gopher is wanted for his talent)

Also Included

  • Suggested Uses and Strategies – Teacher Notes

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