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Full lesson plan on One-Dimensional Kinematic Motion. 

This lesson plan is unique because every example problem unfolds as part of a story. Students love this and it has them excited to go from question to question because they are dying to see what happens next in the adventures of Jim and Cindy. In the PowerPoint I have embedded some relevant YouTube clips to help students visualize the concepts more easily.

Every example problem has a Youtube video that shows me doing the problem in the simplest way. The video showcases tricks and ways to breakdown the problem in the best way possible so that you can teach your students in an effective manner.

Everything in this bundle is differentiated so that it can be presented to college prep students or to students taking Honors/AP Physics 1.

Bundle Includes [FULLY EDITABLE]:

PowerPoint (90 Slides)

– 40 example questions that unfold with an entertaining story about Jim and Cindy.

– Notes, example problems, and clips

– Topics: Position, Distance, Displacement, Speed, Velocity, Kinematic Graphs, Acceleration, and Free Fall

Student Notes (19 Pages)

– Optional packet that follows along with PowerPoint

Homework and Review (15 pages)

– Four packets that should be distributed according to the pacing guide

Assessments (6 pages)

– Three Assessments that should be done according to the pacing guide

These are NGSS-aligned lessons. Your students will engage in the three-dimensional learning by analyzing data, discussing with other students, and computing multiple-step calculations.

If this product could really benefit your classroom, but you are not in a good financial situation to buy the product, please contact me and I will give you the product for free, no questions asked.  [email protected]