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These worksheets includes 10 Comprehension and Reflection Worksheets to help further your students understanding of key life skills about personal safety. Each page includes a mini-informative narrative about a safety situation. On each page there are three comprehension and reflective questions to help support the student to reflect on the risks, explore decision making, consequences and gain insight into the situation.

Each worksheet explores a different scenario where the following safety themes are explored. They include:

1.Safety around appliances

2.Fire safety

3.Safety with medicines

4.Pool safety

5.Keeping secrets – (i.e. – don’t keep secrets)

6.Wearing helmets

7.Water safety

8.Road safety

9.If you get lost, stay where you are!

10.Do not share personal information online

Each page can be used as a stand-alone worksheet or as a companion and supplement to your lesson.