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Item description

This is a set of puzzles for learning initial letter sounds and letter-sound correspondence. Each mini puzzle has the upper and lower case letter on one piece and a picture that starts with the corresponding sound on the other. Young children learn best through hands-on play and these puzzles provide exactly that.


  • large, easy to read font
  • bright pictures of familiar objects
  • large, easy to handle pieces
  • self-correcting (If correct, the pieces fit together.)


  • 2 complete sets of puzzles for the whole alphabet (2 for each letter A to Z)
  • 2 sets of puzzles for long vowel sounds

Two sizes:

  • Small for individual center work
  • Large for cooperative play on the floor

The same letters in both sets of puzzles have the same piece shape so they will work even if the sets get mixed up. For example, all of the pieces for the letter A will work in any combination.