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Looking for a fun and engaging way to practice letter recognition and fine motor skills? Look no further than our Letter Reversal and Alphabet Practice Activities book! This book is packed with visual perception, visual discrimination, and alphabet letter recognition activities, including letter reversals, tracking, directionality, and reading fluency.

They’ll reinforce memory skills, problem-solving skills, and fine motor control while also teaching the importance of left, right, up and down.

These skills are essential for reading success and can be especially challenging for those with dyslexia and other learning difficulties making is difficult for them to comprehend what they are reading. By using these engaging, multi-sensory activities students can exercise their brain to improve some of the issues associated with dyslexia and character recognition. They are also useful for struggling readers of all ages. Fun as a warm up or quick activity, students enjoy them so much they do them over and over again.


Ideas for how to use Brain Exercises with students of all ages.

Multisensory “Amazing Maze” and “Amazing Box Tool” for visual discrimination, letter recognition, and directionality practice. This fun, hands on activity also promotes memory and right-left brain integration.

Five different activity sheets for each letter of the alphabet, 4 A-Z activities, and 4 vowel activities. (138 total). Activities include: tracing, matching, find the letter, complete the pattern/picture, mazes, scanning, reading fluency practice, multisensory movement ideas.

Left/Right directionality practice sheets, including practice with fine motor skills and reading fluency.