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These letter reversal activities and
visual discrimination
secret picture puzzles are
a crazy fun way to practice common alphabet letter reversals such as b/d, p/q, and p/g.  Matching shapes, letters, and
pictures strengthen visual skills for all students. 
Use them in Google slides™, PowerPoint™, or print and
cut.  These fun puzzles
are great for classroom literacy centers and tutoring as well.  

Students can practice digitally and use printed worksheets to cut, paste and write. Laminate the printed copies and you have two great versions that can be used over and over. 


11 Secret Picture Puzzles – Digital
Google Slides

and PowerPoint Versions.

11 Secret Picture Puzzles – Printable PDF

Writing practice is included with each
printable puzzle.



Tips and Instructions for Google

Skills Covered

Commonly Reversed Letters B, D, P, Q, G

Additional Alphabet Letter Practice

Upper/Lower Case Letter Matching


Identifying Pictures

Visual Discrimination

Fine Motor Skills