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Students will review their letter-sound, letter identification, upper and lowercase letter formation, and beginning sounds.


Standards addressed: RF.K.3a RF.K.1d L.K.1a

Students will demonstrate basic knowledge of letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary sound for each letter.

Students will print upper and lowercase letters.

Students will identify a specific letter among other letters.

Students will identify and understand that a letter is a vowel or consonant.


Specialty letters:

Vowels have two pages. 1-page for the short vowel sounds and 1-page for the long vowel sounds. Letters C and G also have multiple pages to choose from. Letter C and G have hard and soft sound pages. I have also included pages for copycat letters instead of the wording hard and soft to accommodate those that use this verbiage.


Letter x is the only letter that asks for the ending sounds rather than beginning sounds. The letter x has many sounds, and the most frequently used sound is found at the end of words.