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There are 3 worksheets for each letter of the alphabet. Students will print uppercase and lowercase letters, identify lower and uppercase letters, and identify pictures beginning with the focus letter sound.

*Letter X has pictures with ending sounds.

Letter Worksheet 1 –

Uppercase Letter Formation and letter-sound correspondence.

Students will recognize all uppercase letters of the alphabet. RF.K.1.d

Students will print uppercase letters. L.K.1.a

Students will identify the letter sound and words that begin with that letter sound.

Letter Worksheet 2 –

Lowercase Letter Formation & upper and lowercase letter identification.

Students will recognize all lowercase letters of the alphabet. RF.K.1.d

Students will print lowercase letters. L.K.1.a

Letter Worksheet 3 –

Upper and lowercase letter identification and sort. Beginning sound identification.

Students will demonstrate basic knowledge of letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary sound for each letter. Students will also discriminate between uppercase and lowercase letters and identify the focus letter among other letters. RF.K.3.a

Letters C and G –

For letters, c and g both the hard and soft sounds are included.

Vowels –

Long and short vowel sounds are included as well.

This resource is also great for substitutes – a sub pack, student teachers, classroom helpers, homeschool, homework, or groups!