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Bat Life Cycle Curriculum Unit. Teach children about the life cycle of a bat with this fun and engaging science curriculum lesson. All pages are in color and in black and white.

Bat Life Cycle Unit includes:

Cover page-1 page

Life Cycle Explanation-1 page

Write the life cycle stages worksheet-1 page, 1 answer key

Posters-7 pages

Quick Reference page-1 page

Label the Bat Life Cycle-2 pages

Bat Life Cycle Matching game-1 page

Parts of a Bat-1 page

Label the Parts of a Bat-1 page

Life Cycle Sequence Cards- 2 pages, 8 cards total

K-W-L Chart-1 page

Color Pages-10 pages including a cover page


Trace the Word-1 page

Write the Room Recording sheet-1 page

Word Wall Labels-3 pages, 10 labels

Types of Bats-1 page

Bats Hibernate in Winter Poster-1 page

Bat Life Cycle Flip Book-4 pages, creates a 5 page flip book when put together

Picture and Word Flashcards-2 pages, 8 flashcards and 1 title card total

Vocabulary Word Flashcards-2 pages, 9 cards and 1 title card

Prints 85 pages total.

This science unit was designed by Annette Sutherland, owner of Teach At Daycare, Handcrafted Curriculum for All Ages.

Graphics by I 365 art.