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Circle books are engaging and they make for a great classroom decoration! Now, you can get a circle book for both animal life cycles and for plant life cycles! It’s a win-win!

These life cycle circle books come with assembly directions for students, and the ability to make TWO different types of circle books related to life cycles. Students can make a circle book complete centered around one life cycle or make a circle book with multiple life cycles!

With This Product You Will Get:

✓ Individual circle pages with all the stages of a life cycle on it. Students would describe each life cycle stage on that circle for the animal or plant chosen.

✓ Individual circle pages with the labels phase 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 so students can describe and illustrate each phase/stage of one life cycle (creating one circle book)

✓ Individual circle pages where students can cut and paste the order of the phases of individual life cycles and then describe the various changes throughout the life cycle.

✓ Individual life cycle pages that are blank (but labeled with the phases – all on one circle)

✓ Individual circle pages with comparing and contrasting practice, questions, and other fun facts.

✓ Student assembly directions

✓ Answer key

✓ A Google Slides version so that you can have your students complete it digitally in Google Classroom if you prefer! Perfect for distance learning!

This Product Includes the following Life Cycles:

✓ Butterfly

✓ Ladybug

✓ Frog

✓ Cricket

✓ Chicken

✓ Fox

✓ Sea Turtle

✓ Pumpkin Plant

This resource meets the NGSS 3-LS1-1.