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Life in the colonial era, from Jamestown and the Powhatan tribe, to what school was like in that era, printable bundle. Includes:

PUZZLE SET 1 – Life in the Colonies

Children will have fun while they learn with this set of creative puzzles and educational resources. This set includes:

* Living in the Colonies Two-Page Activity Set with multiple types of puzzles

* Life in the Colonies Word Search, which reinforces vocabulary from the Activity Set

* BONUS: Colonies in the New World backgrounder, which includes a brief history of the colonial era with a timeline graphic, and a map of the original 13 colonies

PUZZLE SET 2 – Jamestown, Powhatan and Native Americans

* Jamestown Settlement and Powhatan Tribe Two-Page Activity Set

* Jamestown, Virginia Word Search, which reinforces vocabulary from the Activity Set

* Native American Tribes Word Search with 40 tribe names

* Reading Log and Certificate set

NEW: Exclusive Photos from Historic Jamestown

* 11 dynamic photo collages, ready for display

* 30 photos with brief, descriptive captions

PUZZLE SET 3 – School in Colonial Times – and Today

* School Then and Now (Colonial vs. Modern) Two-Page Activity Set

* School in Colonial Times and Today – Word search puzzle that reinforces vocabulary words form the Activity Set

* FREE BONUS 1: Rhyme Time for School Today – Crossword Puzzle

* FREE BONUS 2: School Then and Now – Reading Log and Certificate Set