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Looking for a functional Life Skills Project for your students that will get them thinking about their plans after high school? This is it and such a great transition activity! This unit requires them to use research and math skills. This Life Skills Budgeting Project has them find a job, place to live, and car to drive. They are to estimate their monthly expenses and compile it all into a spreadsheet to help them set up a monthly budget. After setting up their budget, they will find out the percentage of their total monthly income they spend on various expenses. They will then be asked to make a pie chart to show the percentages. Finally, they will review their income and monthly expenses. They will be asked if there are any changes they would make to their monthly budget.

This unit features the following:

  • Career
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Monthly Expenses (utilities, cell phone, insurance, etc.)
  • Monthly Budget Spreadsheet
  • Monthly Budget Percentages Spreadsheet
  • Monthly Budget Percentages Pie Chart
  • Monthly Budget Review