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This resource provides a scaffolded introduction to using line plots for organizing and interpreting data. The activities are differentiated, moving from simple categorial data to more complex line plots using fractions.

Each full-page card includes a data set presented in a line plot, along with 4 questions for students to answer. These questions require students to interpret and compare the data.


There are 15 line plot cards divided into three differentiated sets:


  • Set 1: Categorical Data
  • Set 2: Numerical Data: Whole Numbers
  • Set 3: Numerical Data: Fractions


Each card contains a QR code for self-checking. Recording sheets and answer keys are also included as an alternate to the QR codes.

These activities increase in complexity to build skills as students work through them. The first two sets of cards can be used to teach students how to use line plots even before they have learned fractions.